About Us

I am an inventor at heart. Dreaming, prototyping, and making new products is what makes me excited about the future. I designed Little ELF to solve the annoying issue associated with wrapping presents. I watched my family and friends be continuously frustrated with cutting wrapping paper and imagined that this simple task just needed to be made easy. Through hundreds of sketches and iterations, I designed a product that cuts paper perfectly and keeps the paper neatly rolled. After two years of hard work, I believe that Little ELF is a great product that will save a lot of time for parents, friends, and of course Santa. This is a product that will make holidays less stressful, so people, including yourself, can focus more time on family and what matters most.

The outdated way of cutting wrapping paper has never worked, because the slice is either jagged, ripped, or crooked. We have all tried blades, knives, and sharper scissors, but those are not safe. Putting your own and your children’s safety in danger is not worth it. During the holidays, the thing people have least of is time, but we continue to spend hours upon hours fussing with dull scissors and unsafe blades, trying to convince ourselves that these are effective tools for cutting wrapping paper. How we cut wrapping paper needs to change. Little ELF solves this big problem in a simple way. It makes cutting wrapping paper easy and makes a monotonous task fun. Simply put, Little ELF is the best way to cut wrapping paper. 

Cutting wrapping paper is a universal task and our current tools lead to a universal frustration. Little ELF is the universal solution! 

Thank you,

Bryan Perla - Founder/CEO of Little ELF Products, Inc.