How to Add a Handle to a Gift

How to Add a Handle to a Gift

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You are sure to be the talk of the party if you walk in with your wrapped presents looking like this! Whether you want to simplify your life by making gifts easy to carry or are looking for a cute way to hang gifts on a fireplace, this is the easiest and most creative way to add a handle when wrapping a present. Follow along to learn how to add a handle to any gift this holiday season.




Step 1: Grab your supplies

Step 2: Measure the paper

Roll out the wrapping paper. Place the gift on top of the wrapping paper. Measure enough paper to cover the gift box by bringing the paper up and over the top of the gift so they overlap.

Step 3: Cut the paper

Cut the paper after measuring the correct amount. Use the Little ELF Gift Wrap Cutter to get an exact cut every time. Once the cutter is on the roll, press it upwards for an easy, straight, and perfect cut. 

Step 4: Place the box on the paper

The key to this specific gift wrapping technique is to have double the amount of wrapping paper at the top of the gift. You can measure this by estimating the size of the gift box in extra paper above the gift. Additionally, there should be an extra two inches at the bottom of the gift.

Step 5: Fold paper to the top of the gift

Let’s start wrapping! Take the one side and bring it over the top of the present. Secure this paper directly to the gift box with a piece of Little ELF Gift Wrap Tape

Step 6: Fold the other side of the paper over

Fold the left side of the paper up and over the top of the gift in the same way. Secure the paper to the box with a piece of tape. Make sure that the paper overlaps on top of the gift so the gift is completely covered in wrapping paper.

Step 7: Wrap the bottom of the gift

Wrap the bottom, the side with the smaller amount of extra paper, like a typical present. Using both hands, push the shorter sides of the paper in to fold towards the gift. Lay both sides flat against the box.

Step 8: Fold the top flap down

Press the flap of paper at the top down to lay flat against the box. 

Step 9: Fold the bottom flap up

Lastly, pull the remaining flap, at the base of the gift, up. This completes wrapping the first end of the gift. Smooth out any creases or wrinkles with care to give it that perfect, polished look.

Pro Tip: If you want more detailed instructions on how to wrap the ends of a present, head over to the How to Wrap the Perfect Gift blog for a step by step guide.

Step 10: Tape

Add a piece of tape to hold the end in place. Use the Little ELF Gift Wrap Tape for a perfect, simple, and crisp finish on all holiday gifts.

Step 11: Crease the paper

Lightly crease along the edges of the wrapping paper at the top of the gift so that it lays a bit flatter. This will make the next few steps easier!

Step 12: Add ribbon

This is when the fun begins! Grab your ribbon. It is ideal to use a ribbon that is about two feet in length for this technique. Bring the ribbon to the top of the wrapping paper and make sure it is centered on the gift.

Pro Tip: Choose a satin ribbon that is nice and wide to make a strong and sturdy handle. 

Step 13: Fold paper around ribbon

Begin by making a fold at the top of the paper that is slightly wider than the ribbon. Make sure the fold is as straight as possible, as this will set you up for success in the next step!

Step 14: Continue to fold

Repeat this by continuing to fold the paper around the ribbon. Continue this all the way down towards the gift box. This will typically take about three to four folds. The most important part of this wrap is making sure that the folds finish with the ribbon laying flat on the top of the gift. Once the ribbon is laying flat to the box, crease it.

Step 15: Crease flat to box

Press the folds against the side of the box. Crease the folds so that they lay flat to the box.

Step 16: Fold ends towards center of the box

Take the sides of the paper, where the ribbon is sticking out, and fold them towards the center of the box. This will create a crease in the paper and encourage the ends of the paper to stand up.

Step 17: Tie the ribbon

All that is left to do is to take the ends of the ribbon and tie them together. Create a bow and your handle is done!

That's it!

Next time you are headed to a holiday party with your hands full, remember this simple and easy hack to impress your family every time!

For a step-by-step video guide of this gift wrap, check out the how-to video guide. For more fun and easy gift wrapping hacks, check out our entire Little ELF Gift Wrapping Handbook!