How to Wrap a Gift Card

How to Wrap a Gift Card

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Nothing beats receiving a hand wrapped gift. Gift cards have become one of the most popular convenient, flexible, and personalized gifts. However, gift cards are often thrown in a card or envelope. With this simple and impressive hack, you can give fully wrapped gift cards this holiday season! Follow along to learn how to wrap a gift card.



Step 1: Grab your supplies

Step 2: Cut the wrapping paper

Begin by rolling out the wrapping paper and cutting off a medium sized piece of paper. This gift wrap requires specific dimensions so you will measure the paper exactly in the next step. Use the Little ELF Gift Wrap Cutter to get an exact cut. Once the cutter is on the roll, press it upwards for an easy, straight, perfect cut every time. 

Step 3: Mark the paper to dimensions

This gift wrap calls for the exact wrapping paper dimensions of nine inches wide and ten inches tall. Using the ruler, mark the inches starting from one corner. Additionally, mark out nine inches from the bottom edge of the paper.

Step 4: Cut the paper

Once the measurements are marked on the paper, cut the paper at each mark. Use the Little ELF Gift Wrap Cutter to get an exact cut. This is the perfect tool to help you get a perfectly straight line every time, which is especially important for this wrap.

Step 5: Arrange the paper

After cutting the wrapping paper to the right dimensions, arrange the paper width wise so the long side goes from the right to the left.

Step 6: Crease 

Fold each side of the paper in towards the middle of the wrapping paper. The edges of the paper line up in the center.

Step 7: Unfold the paper

After making the two creases from the first fold, unfold the wrapping paper completely.

Step 8: Fold the corner

Choose one corner and fold the corner of the paper in towards the center. The edge of the triangle will line up with the crease in the paper made in the previous step.

Step 9: Repeat in all corners

Repeat this folding technique in all four corners. Fold each corner into a small triangle where the edge aligns with the crease made in Step 6.

Step 10: Fold the sides in to the center

Making sure the corners stay folded, fold the right and left side of the paper to line up in the center of the paper again. This will fold along the creases made in Step 6. 

Step 11: Flip over

Flip the entire piece of wrapping paper over to its other side.

Step 12: Fold the bottom up

Fold the bottom edge of the paper two-thirds of the way up the paper.

Step 13: Fold the top down

Fold the top edge of the paper down to lay on top of the previous fold.

Step 14: Tuck it in

Tuck the top fold into the corner slots of the other fold. 

Step 15: Add Gift Card

Rotate the paper to be vertical. All you need to do now is take your gift card and place it in the slots on the bottom half of the paper.

Step 16: Fold the top over to close

Take the top side of the paper and fold it over so that it closes like an envelope.

That’s it!

You have completed a cute and creative holder for your gift card. You can always finish this with ribbon and a bow, but whatever you choose, this hand wrapped gift is sure to be a hit!

For a step-by-step video guide of this gift wrap, check out the how-to video guide. For more fun and easy gift wrapping hacks, check out our entire Little ELF Gift Wrapping Handbook!