How to Wrap Clothes without a Gift Box

How to Wrap Clothes without a Gift Box

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Whether you have a tradition of gifting a new pair of PJ’s on Christmas morning or you always struggle to find a gift box for your clothes, this easy gift wrapping hack is sure to impress! With this clever technique, you can effortlessly wrap shirts, dresses, or any clothing item creatively without a box, making your gifts stand out among the rest. Follow along to learn how to wrap clothes without using a gift box.



Step 1: Grab your supplies

Step 2: Neatly fold the clothes

Before starting, make sure the clothes are folded nice and neat. Smooth out any wrinkles or creases.. This will allow for them to be easily wrapped.

Step 3: Measure the wrapping paper

Roll out the wrapping paper. Place the clothes on top of the wrapping paper, making sure there is enough wrapping paper to fold over the top of the clothes and cover it entirely. Make sure there is also extra paper on both the top and bottom edges of the clothes.

Step 4: Cut the paper

After measuring enough paper, cut the paper. Use the Little ELF Gift Wrap Cutter to get an exact cut at the measured mark. Once the cutter is on the roll, press it upwards for an easy, straight, and perfect cut every time. 

Step 5: Fold paper to the top of the gift 

Begin by placing your clothing item in the center of the paper. Lift the right side of the paper up and fold it over top of the folded clothes. Use a piece of tape to secure the paper to the top of the clothes.

Step 6: Fold the second side

Repeat the same technique on the second side, folding the paper on top of the clothes and securing it with tape.

Pro Tip: Use quite a few pieces of tape here to make sure it stays snug and secure to the gift. This will ensure the gift also does not come unwrapped and no one gets a peek before the holidays!

Step 7: Crease the edges of the paper

Choose one side to start wrapping. Beginning where the clothing item ends, make a crease along the sides of the paper. This will make the next step to be even easier.

Step 8: Fold end into triangle

Fold the corners of the paper in towards the center of each side. Repeat this on both sides so that they form the shape of a triangle. This is similar to the technique of making a paper airplane.

Step 9: Fold that triangle on top of the gift

Fold the triangle over the top of the gift. Press it onto the top of the paper to encourage it to stay in place.

Step 10: Tape

Use Little ELF Gift Wrap Tape to secure this flap to the top of the gift.

Step 11: Repeat on the other side

Repeat the same process on the other side. Fold the corners of the wrapping paper in towards the middle to create a triangle. Fold the triangle over the top of the gift. It should line up in the center of the gift with the other triangle.

Step 12: Tape together

The tips of the triangles should fold over the top of the gift to come together and touch. Use a piece of tape here to secure these pieces together on top of the gift.

Step 13: Add a card to the pocket

This wrap is extra special and interesting because in this wrap, you have actually created a pocket. The flaps of the triangles come together to form the pocket. This is the perfect place to place and store a card, adding a wonderful and personal touch to the gift.

That's it!

It always seems that right when you want to wrap clothes you can never find the right size box, but with this beautiful clothes wrapping trick you won’t need to worry about using a box anymore.

For a step-by-step video guide of this gift wrap, check out the how-to video guide. For more fun and easy gift wrapping hacks, check out our entire Little ELF Gift Wrapping Handbook!